Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Selling Online

Have you ever tried selling your products online?

Thanks to Facebook, Ebay, Multiply, etc..etc.. , you can now start selling your products online even before you finish drinking your morning cup of coffee.

Registration on selling sites are usually for free. All you need is an email ID, a secure password, and basic computer skills (like typing and spelling) and you are good to go. 

Don't be so scared to enter your true info when you register for selling sites. Remember that this is how your potential customers contact you. Do you think they will drop you an email if your email ID is People might find it funny but not trustworthy. Not everyone use the internet just to look for people to spam. It wouldn't hurt to reveal your true identity online especially if you are trying to gain their confidence to buy your product.

One more thing, you should also keep keywords in mind when you make an ad for an online selling site. There may be thousands of you who sell the same item, so creating a unique and appealing ad would be a plus but if they can't find your product, they wont be able to buy it. So always include the item that you are selling on your ad title. This will help the search bar find your ad and show it to online shoppers out there who are eagerly hunting for their next purchase.

I help my Mom sell her herbal capsules and I can say that we are doing pretty well. I dont get much comments or feedback but those who send me private messages usually buy our products.

Here is a sample of an ad that I have in

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Need Money? Get a Part-time Online Job

I have mentioned on a previous post that I am continuously searching for ways to get extra income online and that I have registered with a site called which is a freelance site made especially for Filipinos.

Thankfully, an employer contacted me for a transcription job. Actually, I got more than one job offer, but I had to turn down some because I don’t want these online jobs to interfere with my TV time ;p

If you’re not a techy person like me, you can apply for simple jobs like data entry, transcription, article writing, or blog commenting. These are the jobs I do now for different employers that I have had the pleasure of working with because of this site.

Just be cautious when accepting a job. At, the method of payment is discussed between you and the employer. It is not like Odesk’s system where all the communication and payment are done through their site which ensures that all jobs done are paid accordingly. So, don’t you go blaming if an employer didn’t pay you for some work that you did. It is up to you to determine if an employer is shady or not.

Fortunately, I already got paid on my transcription gig. Not big money I know, but without 10 cents you won’t have a dollar. I’ll just let them add up and then one day, I might reach that $5000 goal. 
payment from a transcription job

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan

If you are a blogger then you are probably familiar with the term SEO.
SEO means Search Engine Optimization and from what I have read, the most effective way to be visible in search engines would be to expose your site and to spread your link throughout the entire internet. This takes a bit of skill and some people even hire SEO experts to do this for them.

For simple bloggers like me, who don't want to spend money for SEO, the best way to attract visitors would be to register in blog community sites which promote blog following and allow you to exhange links with them. One of the sites which I follow is now holding a contest which would let you win $5 - $20 with very simple Google + clicks.
Their contest is called

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan


You can click on the link to know more about the contest.

Now I haven't been picked for it yet, and I can't find a way to add the Google Plus on my sidebar. Hopefully I can fix it sometime soon.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Continuous Search for Online Income Opportunities

As of now, I am earning around $30 a month on the online money making websites that I have joined. I don’t include my Mturk earnings on that computation since I only get my payment from them through Amazon gift certificates.

If you type in “make money online” in the Google search box you will get about 399,000,000 results which means that making money online is real and there are plenty of different ways to do it.

People spread the word that money making is possible. Some say it is because they want to share their knowledge to help others, but mostly it’s just because they want to make more money. You see, most money making programs give referral incentives. The more referrals you get, the more money you make.

Now, I am not good at getting referrals so I look for ways to earn online where I do not have to twist my friends’ arms before I get any payment.

Freelancing is one of the best ways to do this.

I am a member of Freelancer and Odesk probably two of the most famous freelance sites on the internet. You can search for thousands of available jobs on these sites, the problem is, since they are too famous, the competition has become very difficult.

To be accepted for a job, you have to apply then bid on the project. Naturally, employers pick the ones with the lowest bids. In the end, you do a big amount of work for a tiny amount of cash.

I have just found a new freelance site that is made specifically for Filipino workers.  It is called and here they give plenty of job opportunities to willing Filipinos.

Of course, there is still an application and bidding process but this site looks more promising to me than other freelance site because after only a few hours of submitting an application for a job, I have already received an email from the employer asking me when I could start.

Well, I do hope I get the job. I’d still have to submit a sample but I am quite confident with my skills.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Receiving My First Payment Through Paypal

Take a look at the first payment that I received from ToneADay. This is the first payment that I received through Paypal too.

Scammers, who plague this world, do what they can to hack accounts so Paypal had to take necessary precautionary steps to keep members' information safe.

My account was in a limited status until I could provide certain information that would verify my identity. I finally finished the steps the other day and soon after that... viola! money came!

Receiving $32 from an online job feels soooo sweeet!!!

And what will I use it for???.... PARASAILING!!!

I already bought my vouchers from Cobone and me and my friends are now looking forward to a fun and exciting adventure!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting Invited for a ToneADay Campaign

I got selected for a ToneADay campaign! Woohoo!!!

Just like what an old Filipino saying goes…

“Kapag may tiayaga, May nilaga” (If you have patience, you get stew) or something like that…

No, a better translation for that phrase is… If you have perseverance, it will bear fruit.

For example: I rated phrases on ToneAday for 3 weeks. I rated for free and was unsure if I will ever get paid. A number of my friends already told me that the site has turned scam which was kind of scary because the time I spent on clicking and rating would have just gone to waste. But whenever I see a comment that says the site is a scam, another would respond saying that it is not. So I kept on rating and when June came I got a notification that I have been selected to join a campaign.

That means --- one rating = .02 cents. I got a bucket of 1,244

Just see how much I have earned so far…
Ain't this sweeeet???
1. Rate sincerely - Don't just slide the sliders for the sake of sliding  c",) Your rating should depend on how the words make you feel.

2. Understand what you are rating. If you don't you can always click on the word and a definition will pop-up.

3. Don't get discouraged and rate regularly. If you don't your ranking will go down which means you wont get invited. I am not sure about this, but I think only those whose ranking is 300 and above are invited for campaigns.

Now, it may take a while before you get chosen for a campaign but I suggest you go ahead and rate even if it means that you would have to be a good Samaritan for some time. Remember that in ToneADay, even if your ranking does not qualify you for a campaign, you can be drawn for the weekly draw. This  happened to me and I got and extra $10.

you want to earn money? Then join ToneADay now!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Groupon Beeconomic Coupons and Savings in the Philippines

"A penny saved is better than a penny earned."

I read this somewhere and I have no clue who said it. Whoever he is, he must be a financial genius because this sentence makes so much sense to me.

If all your earnings go to bills and payments, life becomes very depressing. We should be able to splurge, travel, have fun, and enjoy!

Question: How do we do that without spending too much?
Answer: Take advantage of coupons that are sold for half of the actual price.

I came across this site by clicking on a Facebook ad and I went WOW because of the loads of discounts and freebies that are available.

The site site I am talking about is Groupon. It is available here in Dubai and in the Philippines as well.

They have super great deals! Here are just some of the examples.

Fantastic right?!!!

Now, what if you still don't have the money to spare even if the prices are already discounted?

Here is how it works: Recommend Groupon to your friends (the easiest way to do this  is through Facebook or Twitter) and on their first deal purchase Groupon will give you P150 credit that you can use to buy the deal that you want.

So join Groupon now and recommend away!!