Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reasons Why I Don't Make Money Online.

I have been checking my google adsense account and sad to say, even though e get a few visits every now and then, I don't get any clicks which means no earning also.


Since my knowledge about online every limited, these are the only reasons I can think of...

1. I broke the number rule of blogging which is to constantly update your blog and make entries at least once a week.

No one wants to follow a blog where they can't follow anything. Plus information that might have been useful a month ago might not be at the present time. So it is really important to add an entry to your blog at least once weekly.

2. My blog is not that appealing

The main reason why I started this blog was to make money (as suggested by the title), but I really do not know a lot about this subject so it doesn't compell readers to use my blog as a reference. I am seriously thinking of starting another blog. One with a subject that I have more knowledge about.

Either that, or I should learn more about money making online :)

3. I don't do as much promoting as I should.

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I only know the basic of SEO.

I have only gone as far as submitting my blog URL to Google, Yahoo and Bing. And that's it. No promoting. No posting on other peoples' blogs. No commenting with my link.

4. My design is not that good

I was happy with my blog's design before. But know I think it looks like it's very cramped and peple might find it confusing to defferentiate the ads from the actual posts.

Well, I am not giving up yet. I know what my mistakes are so I shoyuld give more effort to make the corrections.

If you want to point out more, your comments are more than welcome and it would be better if it would include tips that would help me improve.

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