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The Truth About Making Money Online (Reposted from Bukisa)

The Truth About Making Money Online

Most people will fail in making money online, because of 3 things they believe in, that if you want to make money online, you should know about.

Making money online is something that most of us would like to be able to do. But, sadly a lot of us will never make it. Most people who set out to make a living online, will fail and give up in the first few months or so. And that’s not because its not possible to make money online, or that we aren’t lucky enough to make it.

No! Its because of all the misconceptions and the wrong mindsets. Its because of all the lies and BSs that we have been fed for years by the so called “internet marketers”, “big online money making gurus” and others who are making money by telling us lies and making me and you believe that if only we buy their product, we will get rich overnight. There are a lot of myths and lies about making money online out there, that if you want to make money online, you should know about.

Making money online isn’t easy or quick

To make any decent amount of money online, whether its through selling on eBay, affiliate marketing, blogging, paid surveys or any other online money making method, you need to have a plan. A realistic plan along with a set of realistic goals. Thinking because its online, you will make money over night, is the first step towards failure.

Although scammers and those who try to tell you that making money online is easy and fast, the truth of the matter is that making money online is no less easier or faster than making money offline and in the real world. In fact I believe in some situations making money online is much harder and takes longer time than earning a living offline. Snake oil salesmen tell you those lies in order to make you buy their crappy so called “report” or “product” so they can make money off of you. Don’t you think if it was that easy to make money, they would be doing it themselves, instead of going through all of the efforts and time it takes to create a report, set up a website, drive traffic to it, advertise it and more, all in an order to make a few dollars from selling these so called “money making reports”?…
Stick with one method

One of the most common reasons why so many newbies fail in making money online is the simple fact that they give up to soon and they jump from one idea to another. And that’s because of that wrong mind set and because of the beliefs in those online money making myths and lies.

They think they can make money over night, so they try a method, but they don’t go all the way with it and they don’t give enough time fro the results to show. After a few days, weeks or months of working on it and not making any money, they think its the method that’s wrong. So, they give up and look for other ways to make money online. And since most online money making methods take time and hard work, they repeat this process over and over. They spend hunderds of dollars on useless reports and money making e-books and never make a dime out of them, until one day they completely give up and come to believe that you they cant make money online.

The best thing you can do to ensure you make money online, is to stick with it. When you find a method that you like and want to take that route for making money, give it all you have got. Make a plan and stick with it, until you get results.

I am not saying  stick with any crappy method for rest of your life, even you aren’t making money after putting a lot of efforts ad time into it. But, you will know if after putting a lot of efforts and time into a specific method and not making a dime, if its because of what your doing or better yet because of what you aren’t doing right, or its simply because that specific methods has flaws in it, and isn’t a very reliable way for making money online.
Not everyone can make money the same way!

Another misconception about earning money online is that most people think because Mr “X” can make money blogging, they can make money with a blog as well. Just because someone else is making money affiliate marketing, doesn’t mean you can do that too. Just like real life, not everybody can make money the same way. Different methods require different skills, experience, knowledge and attitude. There are a lot of people who are making money affiliate marketing, but they couldn’t make a dime if you asked them to start an online business selling thing on eBay. You have to consider the requirements and all that it takes for one to make money with a certain method, before putting a lot of time and effort into it.

So, if you want to really earn money online, get your mind set right and forget about easy and quick money. Be prepared for failures, disappointments and hard work. Find an online money making method that fits you and you think you can handle. Make a plan and fallow through. Stick with your method until you succeed or fail. If you succeed, scale it up, out source your time consuming but necessary tasks, so you can focus more on more important things in your business and make more money. If you fail, move on to another method, and repeat this process until you succeed in making money online.


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