Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to Make Money with MinuteWorkers

If you are familiar with Microworkers then there is no need for me to explain how earning here works.

It is very simple. Choose from the tasks that can be done then you get paid by completing them.
I personally have not finished any task yet but I enjoy their forum.

In the forum you get paid for making a thread, responding to a thread and you also earn from the posts that other people make on thread.

New Post: $0.01
New Thread: $0.01
Per reply to your thread: $0.01

except for post in these topics:
General ChitChat - $0.003
Sports - $0.005
Movies - $0.005

If you post in other topics, the payment is the regular 1 cent. Posting in Advertisement and Introduce yourself are not paid.

The minimum pay-out is only $2 so payday comes quicker.

The golden rule for this forum is... DO NOT SPAM. Regular members are only allowed 5 new threads and 30 posts a day so put some meaning in your threads for you to attract more responses.

More responses = more earnings.

I'll post my first payment from them in a few. I expect it to be soon. If you want to earn too, register at Minute Workers now!

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