Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting Invited for a ToneADay Campaign

I got selected for a ToneADay campaign! Woohoo!!!

Just like what an old Filipino saying goes…

“Kapag may tiayaga, May nilaga” (If you have patience, you get stew) or something like that…

No, a better translation for that phrase is… If you have perseverance, it will bear fruit.

For example: I rated phrases on ToneAday for 3 weeks. I rated for free and was unsure if I will ever get paid. A number of my friends already told me that the site has turned scam which was kind of scary because the time I spent on clicking and rating would have just gone to waste. But whenever I see a comment that says the site is a scam, another would respond saying that it is not. So I kept on rating and when June came I got a notification that I have been selected to join a campaign.

That means --- one rating = .02 cents. I got a bucket of 1,244

Just see how much I have earned so far…
Ain't this sweeeet???
1. Rate sincerely - Don't just slide the sliders for the sake of sliding  c",) Your rating should depend on how the words make you feel.

2. Understand what you are rating. If you don't you can always click on the word and a definition will pop-up.

3. Don't get discouraged and rate regularly. If you don't your ranking will go down which means you wont get invited. I am not sure about this, but I think only those whose ranking is 300 and above are invited for campaigns.

Now, it may take a while before you get chosen for a campaign but I suggest you go ahead and rate even if it means that you would have to be a good Samaritan for some time. Remember that in ToneADay, even if your ranking does not qualify you for a campaign, you can be drawn for the weekly draw. This  happened to me and I got and extra $10.

you want to earn money? Then join ToneADay now!

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