Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Groupon Beeconomic Coupons and Savings in the Philippines

"A penny saved is better than a penny earned."

I read this somewhere and I have no clue who said it. Whoever he is, he must be a financial genius because this sentence makes so much sense to me.

If all your earnings go to bills and payments, life becomes very depressing. We should be able to splurge, travel, have fun, and enjoy!

Question: How do we do that without spending too much?
Answer: Take advantage of coupons that are sold for half of the actual price.

I came across this site by clicking on a Facebook ad and I went WOW because of the loads of discounts and freebies that are available.

The site site I am talking about is Groupon. It is available here in Dubai and in the Philippines as well.

They have super great deals! Here are just some of the examples.

Fantastic right?!!!

Now, what if you still don't have the money to spare even if the prices are already discounted?

Here is how it works: Recommend Groupon to your friends (the easiest way to do this  is through Facebook or Twitter) and on their first deal purchase Groupon will give you P150 credit that you can use to buy the deal that you want.

So join Groupon now and recommend away!!

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