Thursday, August 18, 2011

Need Money? Get a Part-time Online Job

I have mentioned on a previous post that I am continuously searching for ways to get extra income online and that I have registered with a site called which is a freelance site made especially for Filipinos.

Thankfully, an employer contacted me for a transcription job. Actually, I got more than one job offer, but I had to turn down some because I don’t want these online jobs to interfere with my TV time ;p

If you’re not a techy person like me, you can apply for simple jobs like data entry, transcription, article writing, or blog commenting. These are the jobs I do now for different employers that I have had the pleasure of working with because of this site.

Just be cautious when accepting a job. At, the method of payment is discussed between you and the employer. It is not like Odesk’s system where all the communication and payment are done through their site which ensures that all jobs done are paid accordingly. So, don’t you go blaming if an employer didn’t pay you for some work that you did. It is up to you to determine if an employer is shady or not.

Fortunately, I already got paid on my transcription gig. Not big money I know, but without 10 cents you won’t have a dollar. I’ll just let them add up and then one day, I might reach that $5000 goal. 
payment from a transcription job

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