Sunday, June 20, 2010

Getting Traffic For Your Blog

Since I am no SEO expert, I research as much as I can about how to get traffic for my blog. I asked the myLot peeps and some of them gave really good advise.

I hope they can be useful to you to.

My Question:

I have a blog about money making which seems to be a very common topic. I have registered my blog to search engines but it is still not searchable.

I have adsense in my blog. but if I cant get traffic how can I make money from adsense?

Can you give me any tips?

Advice from saumitrakumar:

Regular update your blog.Post at least one post daily if you have enough time.Submit to search engines and wait for 2 or 3 weeks.Blog directories are also very good ways to drive traffic to your blog.But one thing,be patient and let your blog traffic increasing.You can go for Google Adword also,but you have to pay some fees for it.
Create email signature.Tell other peoples or your family to see your blog.Submit it to article writing sites.Write articles and give a link to your blog.As you have said,your blog contains adsense,so don't try traffic exchange sites.Go for some classified sites and submit your blog to it.These are the various ways through which you can drive traffic to your blog.

Advice from johnbrainless:

Get into some traffic generation sites like trafficg and try to post your website to as many catalogs as possible. also try to find ways to advertise for free through tweeter and facebook for example. be well.

Advice from archon309:

Patience is the key. Also,keep updating your blog. If you can post one short entry a day the better. :). Also visit other blogs and post some comments and don't forget to leave the link to your blog. Just like what I did to your blog just now. :)

Also, join other communities like blogcatalog and mybloglog and get as many friends as you can so that your blog will have more exposure.

Advice from rbdescartin:

According to the adsense expert they said according to drive traffic to your site you must have your own domain at first according to look it professional but it is better to start for a free site, I suggest to watch or visit he is the adsense expert earning a thousand dollars a day in adsense, how I wish I could earn that one day.

Advice from magtibaygom:

Google AdSense seldom give money based on traffic alone. The visitors must click ads. If you are generating huge volume of traffic to your blog and none of them are clicking the ads, there is still a chance you will make money, but the money will be too little. You have need to optimize the placement of your ads in your blog for higher chance of clicking. There is a tutorial about this in Google AdSense back-office site.


I haven't tried doing all their tips yet, but I did a few and had positive result.

I know saumitrakumar said not to go for traffic exchange sites but I did anyway and I liked seeing from Google analytics that people view my blog. Although they only view it for an average of 20 sec, having visitors is better than none.

The traffic exhange site that I joined is traffic ad bar. You get points with every website that you view and in turn they send other members to view your websites you. You can submit up to 5 website so can promote, not only your blog, but your other sites you, like your PTC's.

You can join TrafficAdBar by clicking on the banner

I also read a nice blog from Blogger Talk for getting traffic Beginners Guide to Pumping Up Blog Traffic

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