Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So Disappointed With Gagabux

Gagabux turned out to be a scam!!!

This is so sad since it's the PPC program that I have decided to put my focus into. It is very hard for me to get referrals because my friends don't believe in online money making programs. And Gagabux turning out to be a scam would only increase their skepticsm because I've made a big anouncement that I have asked for a cash-out and am just waiting for it on my paypal account. I told them that if it turns out to be true, they should all sign up as my referrals so they could earn money too.

The sad news is that I've been waiting for more than a month now and the $2 is still in queue. What a bummer.

I'm starting to lose faith in PPC's all in all.

My myLot friends tell me I should try others and they are giving me some sites, but I think I'll wait for my dissapointment to wear off before I try signing up for a PPC again.

I'm continuing Buxify and my other PPC's. Hopefully I get something out of clicking.

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