Sunday, May 16, 2010

I know you techy guys out there have lots of ways to earn through the net.

Witty, creative & talented people would surely not have the same problem as mine because a lot of people post jobs online that you can apply for.

But for us, gramatically-challenged, unimaginative poeple, earning $5000 through the internet is not an easy feat.

All I can do is search the internet for free money makers since I don't have a credit card and even if I do, I won't use it for something that I'm not really sure is legit.

So here I am, joining another site which looks promising.

It is a social network where you get paid by blogging, joining the forums or leaving your comments.

This is now my 2nd best site when it comes to PTC & PTS sites.

Try it!!! If you missed the referral link here it is

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