Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My First $2 Cash-Out From Gagabux

Haha!!! I was able to reach my 1st $2 yesterday and I was very excited to cahs out.

Before I did asked for help from other PTC earners if it was a good decision of cashing out, since $2 is not a very huge amount. But let's face it. $2 is still 2 dollars and if I have proof that I'm getting paid then it would be a lot easier for me to encourage my friends to join and be my referrals.

Most of the replies I got said I should and so I did! ...And just as they said, pay outs nowadays get a little bit longer to process. Most probably because a they have a lot of people clicking on ads now and there are more cheaters out there so verifying of accounts take longer.

Anyway, someone told me earlier that they still get paid, so all I need to do now is wait and keep on clicking.


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