Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Quest to Earn $5000 Though Online Jobs

I have been 'working' the internet for 2 months now and so far I have earned...nothing.

Before I burden you with my's a little bit of introduction.

I work as an expat in Dubai and hoped to strike gold. But alas! It is not as easy as I thought.

The global economic recession hit the country so bad, a lot of expats were either sent home or had their salaries reduced so they can keep their job.

So here I am, with an 'ok' job but a 'so-not-ok' salary.

I live from paycheck to paycheck, with only enough to pay for the necessities and none left for good and pretty stuff, which for an OFW should not be.

People back at home believe that I am enjoying "the life" and that they can ask money from me anytime they need it.

Now, the problem is, I am going home next year. So I need to save for a round trip ticket, the goodies I have to bring home and the money I will be spending to treat my friends and relatives to an extravagantly overwhelming dinner.

This is where the online stuff comes in.

I searched the net for a part time job but most of those that came up were "Get Paid for Filling Up Surveys." All the advertisements said is was easy so I went ahead and tried.

Unfortunately, most of the available surveys are for people who live in the US or Canada.

Next I came accross data entering jobs. I answerd 3 assignments and after submitting it I received a notice that to claim the payment I had to buy other assignments for this and that amount.

From what I read from other blogs,people who fall for the 'you should pay us so we could pay you' scheme are fools.

The virtual assistant and medical transcripion option were scratched out before I even tried. Skype is not allowed in the UAE.

I also trying out Google adsense and have earned €10 so far. But since I don't own a domain and cant afford a hosting serviceI don't get any traffic and I need €60 more to get a cash out. sigh!!!

The recent conquests that I have tried are PTC's. Apparently, people are really getting money from it. So here I am, trying to be one of those people.

I thing I have learned is that you will not get money if you don't get referrals.

Very unlucky for me because my relatives and friends don't believe in PTC's and other referral programs, so unless I can show them proof that I earn from what I do in the internet, I will not be able to convice them to help me build my downline.

2 days ago, I discovered joining forums. Oh, what a great joy!!!

Now I get referrals from other Clickers who want to exchange. At last, I'm beginning to see some light.

So, my aim is to earn $5000 from all the things that I do online.

Unattainable? Maybe. But who knows. I might just get lucky.

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